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for construction companies in the digital era


Communication is like a sturdy floor. If it's well built, valuable and relevant, the customer will step towards you with confidence. At Boloboc we work with freelance marketers, engineers, journalists and IT professionals who can build a solid image for your company. We will demolish your competition!

Social media

We build Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Youtube profiles from the ground up. Meet the right customer, on the right channel.


We design the website you deserve: with premium finishes, using high-quality content and real references.

Press releases

It is time for your company to shine bright like a diamond. You gather your specialists, we'll bring the journalists.

Technical translation

We speak beaucoup des lingue straniere! We can translate your catalogs and technical materials, without losing a millimeter of the specific terms. Das is gut?

Branded materials

We can add your logo to anything you can think of. We can brand workwear and any objects, including the pen which the next client will use to sign your next contract.

Brand identity

Do you need a logo, a brand book or just some visuals? We can make you stand out, creating a strong, "concrete" identity for your company.


One step ahead of the competition

Aici suntem deja la next level. Dacă rețelele sociale şi site-ul te ajută să-ți spui singur povestea, acum reușitele tale pot deveni știri de interes local, național şi dacă e…

Let your company speak clientish*

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin și Youtube. Recunoaște că înainte să ne contactezi, ne-ai căutat pe Facebook. E normal, toată lumea o face. Inclusiv clienții tăi. Pe lângă poze cu trandafiri care-ți…

Your company's digital building

At every business meeting, we are exchanging business cards like turbo gum prises when we were little. The client who gets your card will definitely check out your website to see ...

Speciality courses

Develop your employee's skills in Bidding and Development of Projects!

Full Course | Bidding and Development of Projects

Having an essential role in the realization of construction projects, the activity of tendering and carrying out installation works requires specific knowledge and skills, which, at present, can only be obtained through practice, with a significant consumption of time and efforts.

You are a contractor in building services? At Academia de Instalații we help turn talent into performance! Develop your employees skills in bidding and developing installation works!

our partner

Let's work together

In order to develop your strategy, it's important that we understand your goals.

First meeting
It was nice to meet you, we had great coffee, but now what? We'll write together the tender, determining how the project will be implemented and what the desired outcome is.
We gather our team and start looking for the best solutions. We study carefully the tender book and we take a deep breath.
We tell you the best development strategy, adjusting it to your requests.
Approval and customization
Reglăm împreună șuruburile strategiei şi batem în cuie metodele de implementare. La final îți livrăm planul detaliat, alături de contract.
Strategy implementation
Ne suflecăm mânecile şi trecem la treabă! Muncim cu drag şi spor, dar ținem ochii deschiși şi pentru alte servicii conexe, utile dezvoltării obiectivului principal.
Measuring results
Punem rezultatele la şubler. Le raportăm atât la obiectivele pe termen scurt, cât şi la cele anuale.
We pop the champagne
Ne dăm feedback reciproc şi ciocnim un pahar online sau offline, după posibilități.

About us

A company's reputation is more complex than word of mouth and there is a great need to establish a real image of companies in the digital world.

We as Boloboc – Marketing Agency for Engineering and Construction, want to remain strictly niched on clients operating in the construction sector and we believe that this will be an advantage in offering premium services in a market that we understand in the smallest detail.

We are a minimalist company, and we focus our resources towards increasing the quality we offer and not increasing the company and indirect costs. We collaborate with the best freelancers from each project-based niche, depending on the needs of the projects we coordinate. 

The services we offer at Boloboc are aimed at aligning the image of clients in digital, covering all the digital needs that an engineering or construction company may have, from branding, social media, photo and video production & communication services.


We are recommended by our voice, talent and satisfied customers

I collaborated with Diana on the social media side to increase the company's online presence on Facebook and Linkedin, both to communicate the company's successes and to attract new talent. When I felt that the company's image needed a refresh, I also turned to Boloboc. Diana took into account all of our opinions and ideas about what the new site should look like, and frankly, we're impressed. We recommend Boloboc!
MHT Experience
Diana was able to quickly understand the company and the equipment we work with, which was an advantage in choosing Boloboc Agency as a marketing partner. In the last year, through the communication strategy especially on LinkedIn, we managed to publicize our successes both at the team level and at the level of the projects won.
ATX HVAC Distribution
Together with Diana, we launched a new innovative company - Academia de Instalații, a new concept on the engineering market that, after only 3 months, reached its target set in the business plan. I was impressed by the visibility the company achieved in such a short time on social platforms, through which I was able to attract new students and companies to participate in our courses. If you want visibility and authenticity, call boloboc!
Academia de Instalații
Boloboc helped us achieve all our digital marketing goals; we have been collaborating for several years, during which time our presence on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin has become very strong in our local market. For us as a company, it was not feasible to hire a marketing person within the company, and by collaborating with Boloboc, we had access to specialists in the field to cover our specific marketing needs.
Seiv Instal
The collaboration with Diana is accidental, along the way discovering how many things we have in common. The fact that we grew up on the same street, the passion for web projects and quality marketing, have materialized in the 3 completed projects (so far) where we have crossed paths.