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We are building new opportunities for construction companies in the digital era


Communication is like a sturdy floor. If it's well built, valuable and relevant, the customer will step towards you with confidence.
At Boloboc we work with marketers, engineers, journalists and IT professionals who can build a solid image for your company. We will demolish your competition!

Social media

We build Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Youtube profiles from the ground up. Meet the right customer on the right channel.


We design the website you deserve: with premium finishes, using high-quality content and real references.

Press releases

It is time for your company to shine bright like a diamond. You gather your specialists, we'll bring the best journalists.

Technical translation

We speak beaucoup des lingue straniere! We can translate your catalogs and technical materials, without losing a millimeter of the specific terms. Das is gut?

Branded materials

We can add your logo to anything you can think of. We can brand workwear and any objects, including the pen which the next client will use to sign your next contract.

Brand identity

Do you need a logo, a brand book or just some visuals? We can make you stand out, creating a strong, concrete identity for your company.


To be or not to be online?

Social Media


Press releases

Let's work together

In order to develop your strategy, it's important that we understand your goal.

  • First meeting

    It was nice to meet you, we had great coffee, but now what?
    We'll write together the tender, determining how the project will be implemented and what the desired outcome is.

  • Analisys

    We gather our team and start looking for the best solutions. We study carefully the tender book and we take a deep breath.

  • Proposal

    We tell you the best development strategy, adjusting it to your requests.

  • Approval and customization

    We fine-tune the strategy and clearly define the implementation methods. Then we deliver you the detailed plan, along with the contract.

  • Strategy implementation

    We roll up our sleeves and get down to business, also keeping an eye on other related services, that could help develop the main objective.

  • Measuring results

    We quantify the result with caliper accuracy. We relate them to both short-term and annual goals.

  • We pop the champagne

    We give each other feedback and celebrate our teamwork, online or offline, if possible.


The engineers place the information in the middle of the field, pass it to the IT guy, who skillfully dribbles the lines of code, nice cross passes the outcome to the marketing people, then follows an elegant take over for the client and he achieves his goaaaaaaaal!


Founder| Creative Engineer| Vespa and fine dining addict


Marketing strategist | The personification of energy | Cats best friend


IT Guru | Licensed engineer with a bike | A sarcastic gentleman


Marketing consultant | Engineer in soul and diploma | Online & offline analytical geek


Journalist | Part-time reader | Energetic person possesing a colored belt in Martial Arts


Branded materials supplier | Professional traveler | Certified food lover

Our vision is to work exclusivley with companies from the field of engineering and construction business. We can understand each grain of sand in this market area, so we will always offer our premium services. The poet's word: we'll keep on fighting to the end 'cause we are the champions of the building site!


What our clients say about us


Boloboc has helped us to keep up with the trends of social media. We wanted to develop our image even further than the reputation we already have. At the moment we are present on Facebook and Linkedin, where we keep in contact with our followers and customers. More than this, Boloboc has helped us transform our product presentation site into an e-commerce site so we can sell our producs and services online.



Social media

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If you have any questions about the services we offer, contact us: or 004 0722.224.402